If you are a die-hard fan of kpop merchandise, you might just have these items in your wardrobe. If you do not have them, what are you waiting? Hit that online shop and order these items right away if you want to improve your K-Pop stylishness and truly be in trend.

1. Military Green Oversize Coat

If you live and breathe K-Pop, how come you do not already own one of these clothing items? All jokes aside, this is a must-have if you want to feel South Korean. All South Koreans have them and the uglier, the better. Also, when you pair it up with some outrageous K-Pop clothes, it will not seem so dreary. The drearier, the better, the color can vary somewhere from sauerkraut to light brown, but you get my point. Also, with the outrageous clothing items, it will give it a completely different look, and you will look South Korean.

2. Plaid Suit

Boys or girls you need a plaid suit. It will not suit everyone, but it is a must-have for this look. If you do not already have one, it is highly advisable that you get a black and white one, and combine it with black and white shirts underneath. You can also get pants or a skirt and if you want to go K-Pop all the way, wear oversize pants that will kill your femininity and show your devotion to South Korea. That is the k-Pop style after all!

3. Skirts For Little School Girls

Guys, you can skip this one, but girls this is a must if you want to seem K-Pop! Dressing up in little girl’s outfits seems to be a trend in South Korea and other Asian countries, not that we find anything wrong with it. The sexier, the better and it will make you more K-popy. If you get the impression that you are costumed, you are just then on the right track!

4. The Right Hair!

The right hairstyle makes the entire outfit worth your while. If you don’t have the right hair, everything else will not even seem legit. The right style is very important, but so is the color and make up for girls. That is not to say that boys cannot wear makeup, too. Also, men, make notice of how South Koreans do their facial hair before you leave the house.

5. That K-Pop Accessory!

Getting the right accessories will make your entire outfit have a different feel to it. If you want to look authentic, but K-Pop accessories online and order them from South Korea. It will give you a uniqueness not everyone will be able to get, and it will get you the closest to the real deal as well. There are a bunch of Chinese sites that you can order from as well, as they are pretty much similar, but for those who are truly in love with K-pop style and culture visit this website and find out more.