As you know, finding the time for the workout while you are working hard is a bit challenging and on top of that, you need to take care of your skin properly. Still, it is much better to spend a few extra minutes before and after a workout, so it could be nice and fresh. A beauty blogger Joanne Rounds explained on her blog that you MUST nourish it carefully if you want to have a clean and young-looking skin. Since this comes from an authority blogger, we took this for granted and decided to start investing how to take a good care of it in case you are a gym freak.

Remove the makeup before the workout

There some girls who like to be pretty while they are working out, but working out is about being healthy so you don’t have to wear a makeup. The reason for this is because your skin pores will be clogged by the makeup when you start sweating. Cleaning wipes are one of the best solutions to remove quickly your makeup before the gym session. Ideally, use oil-based tissues that are designed for makeup removal and sunscreen removal.

Use sunscreen if you are working out outside

Women’s skin is much more sensitive and prone to problems than men’s. Therefore, especially if your training session is outside on the sun, don’t forget to use sunscreen milk/cream with high SPF to ensure it stays protected. Beside protection, it also nourishes your skin and slows down the aging process. Try to find a one that has a light formula, so your body is not oily but moisturized enough to keep it fresh.

Change clothes right after the workout is done

We are all aware of this, but it is extremely important to follow this! Your sport bra, tracksuit or shorts is filled with bacteria and sweat, which can be bad for your skin. You don’t want the harmful bacteria soaking your skin. Always bring fresh clothes so you can wear it after you take a shower once the workout is done. Also, the experts suggest showering every 30 minutes during the workout in order to avoid irritations and problems.

Do not touch your face!

This is very important! As you work out, you touch different things, from floor and your sweaty pants, to tools that are touched by someone else or covered in dust. As we work out, our pores are opening due to perspiration which means it is the perfect spot for bacteria! A clean towel will be great to wipe out your face if it is itchy or to scratch your nose. Wash your hands at the end!

Hydration is a must

All the impurities are getting out of our bodies during the workouts. It also means that you get rid of your excessive natural body oil. It actually makes your skin dry and you surely don’t want that! Once you are done with the showering, take a moisturizer or some special creams to keep it hydrated! The dry skin is sometimes irritating so make sure you hydrate it properly. And don’t forget – drink enough water during and after the workout!