When it comes to that time when you have to visit a dentist, the majority of people get scared because they don’t have good previous experiences with dentist clinics. However, that can and will change now because there is far more advanced technology that allows the dentist to perform some procedures without any pain. Of course, your dental clinic must have that equipment to perform these procedures. When you need to pull out a bad tooth or you just have to remove the nerve from it, usually your dentist will put you under some dental sedation. This sedation can be different depending on the procedure and your personal preference. Here are some of the best dental sedation option that you can choose from.


As mentioned there are a lot of different types of sedation available, this is one of them. This sedation type got another name that you might recognize “Laughing Gas”. This method of sedation is completely saved and it has been proven to reduce anxiety or fear that some people have from dental clinics. This sedation is very easy to apply because the person needs only to breathe in the nitrous-oxide and he will be ready to proceed with the procedure.

Conscious IV Sedation

This is a sedation type that not every dental clinic will offer because it requires a lot of experience and knowledge. However, if you find a quality dental clinic, then you shouldn’t have any problem finding this type of sedation. The iv sedation dentistry allows the dentist to work on your bad tooth completely without any issue because you, the patient will be completely relaxed. That means that you will not move around, sometimes people don’t even remember the procedure. However, the patient remains completely conscious the entire time because he still needs to be able to give signs when he is feeling pain.

When you receive this type of sedation, then we strongly recommend that you find a friend or family member to drive you home after the procedure because you will be still under the anesthesia. Driving under this type of sedative is extremely dangerous and that’s why every dental clinic needs to warn you about these risks before you take the sedative. That way you will have time to prepare for what is to come. However, this is also completely safe option that we recommend, especially when you need to pull out healthy teeth.

General Anaesthesia

This is a very common type of sedation and we are sure that you have heard about it. however, when it comes to dental procedures, dentist always try to avoid it because there is no need for completely general anesthesia when fixing a tooth. Of course, in some cases when the patient refuses to use other methods of sedation, the dentist is forced to use this as the last resort. There is nothing bad about general anesthesia, but you shouldn’t use it if it is not completely necessary and you feel like you can’t go without one.