Far more than men in generally, women are considered about their health condition as much as about their appearance and aesthetic outfit. Aside from common worries about weights regulation, makeup, hairstyle and many other aspects of taking care of themselves, women face another issue – aging skin. Over the years, our skin deteriorates, loses natural elasticity and freshness and the wrinkles, fine lines and sacks appear. Man is no exception to this, but since our blog is traditionally focused on health, wellness and beauty topics and advice designed for the female population, we will dedicate this one to them too. Here, we’ll post a detailed overview of non-surgical Skin Tightening Treatment available at the market and approved by many official health organizations, that you may consider as a solution for your aging and worn-out skin.

Basics of “lifting” procedures

Modern health, wellness, and cosmetic industry provide a wide range of non-invasive procedures for skin tightening as a valid alternative to traditional plastic surgery procedures. Non-surgical skin tightening treatment provides rejuvenation and regeneration of sagging skin, cellulite, areas of wrinkles and fine lines, resulting in younger and more beautiful appearance. Most skin tightening procedures are based on the application of various energy types that affect deeper layers of skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production, dissolving fat tissue and improving tone and texture. With increased production of main proteins that give proper texture and elasticity to skin, laxity, and shape of your face, neck and body will significantly improve. Since the procedures are non-invasive, no scars, recovery period, nor serious side effects are expected. Average skin tightening treatment lasts an hour, may be performed in the office and the results last more than a year. Although, there will be no consequences and problems after the procedure, Qunatum Wellness Botanical Institute offers a great variety of organic mixtures to treat your skin effectively and regenerate it faster.

Ultrasound skin tightening

Via manually handled device, ultrasound waves are emitted at the determined depths of skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Skin tightening treatment based on the application of ultrasound is widely used due to its high efficiency, safety, and excellent results. Commonly treated areas include the face, chin, neck, chest, and tummy. Treatment lasts about an hour, requires no downtime and it is painless.

Radiofrequency skin tightening treatment

Radiofrequency skin tighteningAnother popular method for skin tightening refers to radiofrequency treatment, which uses RF energy focused on superficial layers of troubling skin. Target areas include face, neck, chin, arms or wider areas of the rest of the body. Smoother and fresher skin appears within few months, usually after few treatments. The procedure is usually painless, though women may feel slight uncomforted during the application of radiofrequency, as well as some mild side effects, such as tenderness, reddish skin, itching or numbness at the treated areas. All of these side effects subside after few days.

Combination of energies

The latest popular skin tightening treatment is based upon a combination of radiofrequency and intense pulse light. The combination enables energy to reach deeper layers of skin and underlying tissues to induce natural response manifested in increased production of proteins and elimination of metabolic products. The skin appears younger, regenerated, more elastic and better shaped after few treatments. The procedure is safe, effective, but not recommended to women with dark skin.