Keeping a pet in the same living area where you live can sometimes place you in risk of many health issues that you did not even know about. Especially if you are a cat person, you may want to find out more about potential health threats and learn how you can avoid them. Women must take good care of their health, which is why we dedicate this very important thread to a very important subject.

What Am I Risking?

HealthToxoplasmosis is probably the first thing that comes to the mind of many when we are talking about health risks related to cats. The disease itself is caused by a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii, and the infection can even show no symptoms in adults which is what makes it particularly scary. The mild flu experience is usually brushed off as nothing important, as are tender lymph nodes and muscle weakness. However, those who already have a weak immune system will experience much more dangerous symptom such as seizures and eye problems. The condition is particularly dangerous if it affects pregnant ladies and their unborn child. The condition is then referred to as congenital toxoplasmosis and it may affect the child.

The reason why this is the biggest threat from your beloved cat is the fact that usually toxoplasmosis is spread through poorly cooked food with cysts, exposure to cat feces, and infections in pregnancy. The cat families are usually the main source of this parasite. Very rarely this condition is sometimes spread through blood transfusion. The parasite itself affects all warm-blooded animals and the prevention is much necessary. This is why it is advised that food is thoroughly cooked and cat litter boxes should not be cleaned by pregnant ladies.

But I Love My Cat!

We understand all the ladies out there who’s first child seems to be their cat. However, there is a time when you must put your biological child first. This can be heart-breaking for many ladies, but sometimes it is better to give your cat to someone to take care of her, rather than put your health and the health of the baby in danger. There is an alternative solution as well, but make sure you always think of your health and your baby’s health first.

Woman’s Health Comes First

Especially when you are pregnant you must take good care of your health for the sake of your child. If you are a cat person, but still are worried for the wellbeing of your child, we have a perfect solution for you. What you want to get for yourself and your cat is an automatic litter box. The automatic litter box will allow you to keep your pet and reduce the health threat from unwanted parasites.