CNN has reported that a Chinese businessman Xiao Jianhua had been kidnapped from his hotel in Hong Kong on the last Friday. Alleged reports say that he is somewhere in China, although no official reports confirmed this.  Hong Kong police noted they had started their search for this man but had no any concrete clues about the reason for kidnapping – they suspect that the main reason was money.

The Short History Of Xiao

Xiao is a Chinese businessman with a Canadian passport, and diplomatic passport from Antigua and Barbuda, where he was an ambassador for some time. The interesting part is also that the ministry of the two islands did not respond right after sending the inquiry but rather much later. We don’t know what took them so long.

Financial Times revealed Xiao’s connections to the family of Chinese President Xi Jinping, but they also have said that he was one of the tycoons who had moved to Hong Kong from China during his crackdown. Another thing interesting about him is that is surrounded all the time by female bodyguards who wipe his sweat from the forehead. The female bodyguards are picked personally by him, so there is probably no evidence that this was a type of internal kidnap.

Could money be the reason for his disappearance?

Xiao Jianhua is among the richest people in China. He operates the Tomorrow Group, a huge company that has a lot of smaller insurance companies, properties, and shares in banks. According to some reports and statistics, his net worth is around $6 billion. This 46-year-old businessman is well known for his generosity – in April 2016, he donated around $10,000,000 Chinese Yuan to the Bejing’s University.

Denial of disappearance

The source who had told some details to our reporter said a quarrel between several security members in Tomorrow Group’s HQ escalated a day or two before his disappearance. Not long after his disappearance, Hong Kong’s Mingpao newspaper had a denial at the front page – allegedly, Xiao gave a statement to the press that he was simply visiting overseas to make some agreements. The statement said he was fine and he would be glad to return to his home gave a statement to the press after he finished the job. His name was printed below also, which is very odd since his office declined the possible statement, saying he was missing and could not reach him.

Mingpao could not reveal the identity of the person who paid for the add/statement. Knowing that the for something like this you would pay around $36,500, it is very likely that some of the richest families in Chine could only afford this. It makes sense just because Xiao has close connections to some of the richest families in China. However, Xiao’s The Four Seasons, a 45-story skyscraper that is in charge of Hong Kong’s harbor, have a statement to the police to help the investigation, but their doors were closed for the press and reporters. They said they did not have any concrete evidence or information.