There are foods that give you more energy and it makes your everyday activity much more convenient in terms of you feel after you eat it. Going through the day could be easier if you decide to take some of the food we present in this article. You don’t need to take too much of it, but rather to use it regularly in normal amounts as these really boost your energy and make your activities easier. You could also think of these as a good part for your traveling adventure, as they are good as refreshments for your body and brain. Each type we mentioned offers a certain level of boost so don’t expect to be full of energy after you drink half of bottle of water.

Dried fruit

a pile of banana chips

Figs, plums or any fruit you would like can be dried with the help of top dehydrators for food that allow you extend the expiry date of your fruit and make it dried, healthy and good for your body. Very tasty, interesting, and always welcome, dried fruits will give you enough energy to get you through the day, as the process of drying with Dehydrator does not ruin any nutritional value. Any type of dried fruit is a good food to make your day easier, without spending too much money. It is, above all, healthy and nutritious snack.

Proteins are important

a photo of different sources of protein

Yes, no day or a road trip should be taken without enough proteins in your stock! String cheese, yogurt, almonds, hard-boiled eggs, nut butter or energy bars must be part of your food menu. Each of these are the great sources of proteins which are necessary for your body that needs additional energy. Beef jerky comes as a great addition, as it is a fine replacement for Pringles, offering you a decent amount of proteins. In some case, you can use raw proteins that gym enthusiasts use, as a supplement to your daily food menu.


a photo of colorful cookies

Always have something sweet in your snack arsenal! Whole grain cookies, dark chocolate, crackers, dry cereals and fruit snacks come in handy once you spend your sugar reserves and you need to refresh yourself. Note that you must not eat too much of sweets, but rather to eat them when you feel that your sugar level dropped down. Muffins, homemade cookies and chia puddings are also perfect for morning quick breakfast, so make sure you take a few of them with you.

Don’t forget water

While some experts suggest that you bring soda drinks, it is much more important to have water. Alternatively, you can take with you some coconut water, or low sugar/natural juices but having water in your equipment is a must for a few reasons. Of course, have a can or two of Coca Cola or a bottle of Gatorade, but having soft drinkable water is a primary objective. It is natural, gives you a great boost and refreshment, so make sure you stay hydrated.