When talking about training and exercising, reading our blog or turning to our trainers and experts, most people refer to losing their weight and getting slimmer. Also, many people sign into our blog and training hoping to prevent various health issues, cardiovascular diseases in the first place. All these reasons for applying regular and proper exercising programs into one’s life are reasonable and justified.

However, Silver Chain, the company involved with providing home medical services and allied health services, has turned to our fitness experts and associated medical experts for somewhat different reasons. Namely, very little do we talk about curing and therapeutic potential of exercising once the certain diseases are already present. Silver Chain company, dealing with all sorts of patients of all age and various conditions, has come up with the idea of integrating our team into their program of home medical servicing. Thus, our experts would educate, train and assist numerous patients whose health issues are treatable with regular physical activity to implement proper training schemes into their everyday routine. Here are some of the health issues you can treat or control to some level with adequate working out.

Dementia and cognition issues in elder patients

Silver Chain company provides home medical services and aged care for many elder patients suffering from dementia and cognitive problems. These people have troubles dealing with routine functioning, since they tend to lose and forget, to become disoriented, endangered by losing their balance, falling or hitting into rough objects and many more consequences of decayed memory. Regular exercising improves brain circulation, stimulates growth, adaptations and functioning of neurons and increases secretion of many neurotransmitters. Altogether, these effects improve cognitive functions and memory capacity significantly. Any form of training is acceptable for these patients, but the workout should be diverse, since new routines have better effects than repetitions of familiar ones.

Asthma and allergy-based bronchitis

Opposite to common belief that people with respiratory problems should avoid exercising, it has been shown that asthmatic patients actually improve their health condition by regularly applying adequate physical activity. Cardio training are not forbidden to these patients, but if the workout is conducted indoors, it is important to previously eliminate dust, mold and allergens that could provoke asthma. Otherwise, it is only recommended to keep training at some moderate intensity lasting for about an hour. Since being overweight can actually worsen asthmatic implication and frequency of asthma attacks, implementing regular workout into a patient’s everyday life is highly recommended.

Lower – back, neck and joints pain

There are numerous health conditions causing chronic pain originating from bones or joints, including the spine. Whether the pain is a consequence of injury, degenerative illness or the simple process of ageing, adequate regular exercising can relieve chronic pain significantly. Too many patients receiving Silver Chain home medical services struggle with some sort of skeletal pain and could benefit from the professionally instructed workout. Workout schemes improving your strength will also improve your posture and supports damages skeletal regions. A similar approach is applicable to patients with osteoarthritis and damaged cartilages causing chronic pain and decreasing overall mobility of these patients.