In modern time we encounter a lot of new diseases then we probably have never heard before. Usually, we do not have answers to these intriguing questions. The most reasonable answer would be our habits. As the time passes by we can say that out habits are changing and it directly affects our potential diseases. For example nowadays a lot of people like to have their cat inside of their home and that wasn’t the case in the past. The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about health risks regarding this habit is Toxoplasmosis. This disease is extremely dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn child. Unfortunately, this pet is the main source for this dangerous parasite. It is not recommended for a pregnant woman to clean cat’s litter boxes. Of course this all can be prevent only if you are enough cautious.

Modern time brings also a lot more dangerous disease like cancer. We are not sure what the main reason for this dangerous disease is, and there is no cure, well at least there is no a secure one. As much as we are listening for a doctors and scientist we realized that the main reason for different kinds of diseases is stress. Nowadays it is hard to get rid of the stress because we live under the constant pressure. We are competing with time and machines and we all know that machines are faster than human, even if it is hard to accept it. Therefore, in some countries people realized that the main cure for a prevention is finding the way to get rid of a stress.

How marijuana has been used in medical purpose?

More and more people start using marijuana in medical purpose. Do not be afraid! There is a difference between marijuana and the medical marijuana. The second one is the one you use to treat health problems. There is some confusion regarding the power of marijuana. Some believe that it can cure the patient and others believe that it can only help you to get relief from the symptoms. However, if the main cause of our diseases is stress, then this makes sense. Marijuana can definitely help us to get rid of the stress.

How to stop abuse of marijuana?

Like any medicine marijuana is maybe the most abused one and every government needs to control it. In Arizona there is a possibility to get marijuana card if your doctor prescript it to you. It is actually really easy to find it, if you wonder how to get a medical marijuana card in arizona. The main condition is to have your doctor’s approval. This way Arizona State regulates the usage of marijuana and prevents it to be abused. On the other hand it is available to ones that actually really need it. Like we mentioned before it will help you to get rid of pain and all kinds of symptoms that goes along with such serious and difficult diseases. With medical marijuana card it will be available and affordable to you at the same time.