In the USA there are two dominant parties, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, it seems like even though the latter has lost the recent elections, the former is beginning to tear apart into fractions. This is only a sign that the GOP has a large electoral body and when there are so many members, it is expected that conflicts will arise.

Problems With Health Care

The initial reason for all this turmoil, happened a few days following the release of the new health-care bill by the Republican leadership in the White House. In the report, the Congressional Budget Office states that the estimated number of surprising 24 million Americans will lose their insurance they had under ObamaCare.


Or drop it under the plan which was devised by Speaker Paul Ryan. To those who have been paying attention to Trump’s advisor Stephen Bannon, this seemed like a hidden plan that was just a part of Bannon’s agenda.

The Estimates Are Even Worse Than You Might Think!

Around the same time, even more shocking piece of information was leaked from someone in the White House to Politico. The source leaked the information that current administration in-house, estimates that even more people will lose their insurance once the RyanCare comes into the picture. Story which was printed by Breitbart also suggests that in late October, Ryan did not intend to defend Trump, nor was it his intention for the future.

If that is so, then we can only presume that Bannon and Trump were in this way punishing Ryan and letting the press tear him to pieces.

Republicans Finding It Tough To Govern

All of this just reveals that our federal system is strongly manipulated by the Republicans, which make up the electoral body, at the moment. Both Houses of Congress are governed by the Republicans, but that does not mean that the GOP can pass constitutional amendments.


But regardless of the many safe seats which are guaranteed in the government, the Republican Party is still having a hard time governing.

Where Does That Leave Trump?

As for the Trump’s election and his campaign, he ran his campaign almost entirely on his own. This is definitely different approach, well different than most other Republicans. Another thing which helped Trump’s campaign, was that he ran it entirely himself and stayed away from details on health care, but rather just promising that everyone would be taken care of.

What Can We Expect In The Future?

All of the events which took place, only further divided the Republican government, where on the one side we have populists like Bannon, contrasted by Ryan and the likes. Such discrepancies will only make governing more difficult for the new Republican government.


This is how the recent success in the field of election, has actually become a kind of affliction, not just for our government, but for the entire nation. Immigration, trade and health care, are just some issues that are diving the business-class Republicans and making more divisions inside the party, and unfortunately the government as well.