Opposite to frequent modern approach that sees the body as the puzzle of many organs and tissues, Rolfing and structural integration methods approach our bodies as unique, integrated mechanism, where every single part is in direct connection with others, and they interact and influence each other. It is so called holistic technique focused onto the important role of the connective tissue wrapping and linking all our organs and body parts. The basic idea of Rolfing, designed by Ida Rolf half a century ago, is that our connective tissue works sort of as a body memory, stores various influences with absorbing during lifetime and reacts accordingly.

Generated disbalance between the construction of our connective tissue and the gravity force creates troubling spots in our body that become the source of various illnesses or pain. To intervene, support body in its natural fighting diseases, heal health issues directly or simply cure the pain, Rolfing uses techniques of deep tissue manipulation and movement education. Aside from the overall sense of well-being, Rolfing shoes particular benefits and positive influences on many organs.

Various effects of Rolfing

Regardless of the area, you detect as painful or the particular organ that troubles you, Rolfing treatments apply systematical organizing of connective tissue, because the root problem is often located elsewhere and the pain in a given area is just a symptom. Each session aims to gradually improve your balance, posture, flexibility and the overall strength of your body. The sessions are focused on different areas, but the summary effect reflects the whole body. Well performed Rolfing therapy will enhance your posture, flexibility, dexterity, stimulate your natural immunity, increase your range of motion and improve your coordination.

With deeper breathing, steady heartbeat, balanced blood pressure, stimulated bones, joints, muscles, and circulation, Rolfing will eliminate any pain you have, decrease everyday levels of stress and chronic tension, as well as enhance regeneration and reparation after any tissue injury. Rolfing treatments can, also, do well to emotional trauma and post – trauma shock or stress.

Schedule of an average Rolfingsession

The typical program most Rolfing experts provide consists of ten to twenty sessions, each lasting an hour. Rolfing involves deep tissue manipulation and various movement patterns; thus, it requires simultaneous coordination and cooperation of the roller and a patient. Movement education is essential to the therapy. By analyzing patient’s health issues and usual coordination and movement patterns, rolfer spots those causing asymmetry in the system and leading to various disbalances. After that, rolfer suggests adjustments and practicing of more economical and healthier movement patterns.

Rolfing Phoenix specialists

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